Our team at Kuro loves collaborating with premium producers, renowned chefs, and various other experts for events and opportunities that explore new culinary trends.

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Kuro's collaborations not only aim towards expanding and cementing relationships with associates but also to give customers something new and exciting to look forward to. The heritage-listed building's interiors have been renovated to act as the perfect backdrop for intimate events and parties.

Looking to collaborate or have an event or party that you would like to host at Kuro? Get in touch below and our team will reach out to you shortly.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for upcoming events. Our team is taking a well earned break from May 14, 2023 and reopening May 30, 2023.

past collaborations/events

Team Kuro feels very privileged to have worked with various collaborators from the best chefs in the city to the finest Australian producers in-order to create exclusive events and offerings made available at our Kuro Dining & Kuro's Kitchen these past years.


We are excited to announce our first collaboration with Toyo Bijin.
Don't wait to book for this one night only event, pairing our Japanese and Australian fueled cuisine with their magnificent sake.
Toyo Bijin has a stellar reputation and success when it comes down to sake. Founded in 1921, the core passion has always been to create a pure sake respecting the sweetness and umami of the principal ingredient, rice.

The brewery combines heritage and innovation to push the quality and taste of the sake, the goal being to make more people discover the wonderful drink.


Taste of Kogei is coming to Sydney for the first time ever with 4 pottery and ceramics artisans who represent centuries of history and culture.

It doesn't matter if you are a potter or pottery fan, foodie or chef - you are invited to enjoy live demonstrations, pick up a plate or bowl for yourself, and get a taste of Kyoto ware's new history.

Entry is free, simply register by clicking on the button below.


Dress up to the nines and come lunch at Kuro for the Melbourne Cup.

The celebration will kick off with a complimentary glass of champagne followed by an enticing menu.Follow the race with your group of friends or colleagues via the live streaming


On the 23rd and 24th of October, Kuro was open exclusively to host Yukiko Yoshida from “Omameyoshiko”, the famous Kakigori shop in Fukuoka, Japan.

Our lucky patrons enjoyed her delicious creations along side Kuro’s favourite snacks!
The popular dons were also making a comeback!


Flor de Cana is a family owned and sustainably produced rum since 1890, winner of the Global Rum Producer of the year. We designed the menu to combine the great flavours of premium rums and compliment our dishes.

Charcoal Night 

28th January 2020

Kuro Executive chef/co-owner Taka Teramoto and Kuro Head Chef Nobu Maruyama, welcomed four distinguished guest chefs this year in January for a special Charcoal themed night.

Each renowned for their unique styles and treatment of ingredients. The Sold Out event had up to 80 guests present for a menu od 12 unique dishes presented in collaboration by the 6 chefs.

opening night | 1st november 2019

We opened our doors to our patrons last year on 1st November 2019.
Since then our team has undertaken all that has come our way with gusto and metal determination towards serving our patrons always with good food and an experience to match.

"It's great to see a young Japanese chef-driven team take such a leap – into the city, into the future."
- Terry Durrac | Good Food