Bringing to you a new kind of bar experience.
Kuro Bar uses seasonal ingredients and the best tools to create handcrafted specialty cocktails with European and Japanese influences.

Aside from cocktails, the bar will offer a good selection of Shōchū, sake, gin, and whiskey, as well as a small selection of bites created by our chefs.

Open for walk ins Tuesday-Thursday from 6pm.



Japanese bartending evolved due to cultural isolation from the trends that shaped bartending in the rest of the world. Because of this, Japanese bartenders have developed their own, highly distinctive style of bartending.

To watch a Japanese mixologist in action is to witness a restrained grace; the ritual they follow being intimate, personal and theatrical.


Fumiaki “Fumi”Michishita has been developing his career throughout diverse bars in Japan, expanding his knowledge with  several trips around the globe studying different mixology.
His style follows the Japanese craft: simple and refined, calculating even the finest detail.
He loves to experiment with new and interesting flavours. Some of his qualifications are: 
◆Jameson Bartenders Ball 2016 JAPAN Finalist
◆Head Bartender at Bar TRIAD7 Tokyo (top 25 bar in the world)

Experience. Kuro

Open for walk-ins from 6pm Tues-Thurs.

No bookings required